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We have now sold out of pre-orders. We wanted to allow those who wanted the topper first to get that chance, we have decided the number of pre orders will keep us busy for the first run. You can register an interest in the topper below, when they are ready to ship, you will be invited to order your completed topper.

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    Pinball Bazaar brings you the latest topper available for JJP’s Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. This topper will fit and interact with any version of the machine.

    The Pinball Bazaar topper is a true centrepiece for any games room. Attracting others to feel the experience of the machine, by creating a true concert experience that supports and enhances the large colour screen found on the backbox of the JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball machine.

    The Pinball Bazaar Rock topper takes all the elements you would want to find on a quality pinball machine and brings it front and centre in a position not only the player, but everyone in the room can enjoy.

    The topper features hand drawn, high definition art from Brian Allen of Flyland designs, whose art has bought admirers from within, and beyond the pinball community. The very best in interactive LED technology, with over 150 individually addressable LED’s. As well as a highly detailed sculpt, hand painted as the centrepiece to finish the entire experience.

    The topper is also customisiable using the in-built WiFi connectivity, allowing the owner to choose how bright the Top Hex and Side Panel lighting is. The topper interacts with three EQ levels taken from a standard 3.5mm jack within the game to give a unique experience linked directly to the game and its sound. If this isn’t to your liking, you can simply turn this feature off, to allow the topper to display random lighting effects, perfect in a noisy enviornment to allow the topper to rotate in built settings.

    Every topper includes:

    • High Definition artwork by Brian Allen
    • Hand painted high definition sculpt by Bradley Morgan-Johnson
    • Over 150 individually addressable LED’s
    • WiFi Connectivity for user customisation and ongoing firmware updates
    • JJP Wiring Kit which includes
      • Power Supply Connection
      • 3.5mm Audio Splitter Cable
      • 3.5mm Topper Audio Cable
    • Installation Instructions


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