Medieval Madness MiniPins Desktop Clock Pinball Machine


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The officially Licensed MiniPins desktop clock (WiFi Required) lets you keep your favourite pinball machine close at all times. The MiniPin software and hardware replicate the original lighting effects found on the game, alongisde the original DMD animations to give you the feel of the real machine, whilst connecting to a real time clock to display the time.

DMD Animations

The MiniPin connects to real life animations from the original game which are looped on the display. These will continue to display being intermittently replaced by the time.

Time Settings

Connecting your MiniPin to a WiFi network allows you to display the time for your region. Whilst on the settings page, you have the option to fully customise your clocks settings, including how often the clock is displayed in between animations, and how long these animations last for.


Each MiniPin recreates the original layout of the machine it is based on by placing the LED’s on the correct place under the playfield. This creates the true effect of a pinball machine with the lights interacting in attract mode in just the way you want them to.

Original Artwork

Being an officially licensed product means that all of the artwork found on MiniPins is true to the original. We use high resolution art to give the game a real world look and feel.


The MiniPin cabinet is 14cm (5.5″) long and 19cm (7.5″) high.

Price includes

  • Custom MiniPin Desktop Clock
  • USB Mini 6ft Cable
  • Official Bally Williams Product Hologram

Additional information

Weight.6 kg
Dimensions19 × 15 × 8 cm


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