Chase Echo Redesigned Creature from the Black Lagoon Chase Board


The incredible redisigned Chase Echo board from Stumblor Pinball brings new levels of control to the look and feel of your Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine. With a huge variety of options, your Creech will never have looked so good. What is even better,

The original creech chase board hasn’t stood the test of time. It overheats, only does one (pretty boring) pattern, and doesn’t play nicely with modern LEDs. Wouldn’t it be great if it did something more exciting?

So, Stumblor Pinball decided to rebuild it from the ground up. The  newly designed board has the following features:

  • Arduino Nano microcontroller
  • Trailing edge AC dimming
  • 14 Unique Chase Patterns
  • Fully controllable pattern selection (via DIP switches)
  • Random or Linear pattern selection (via DIP switch)
  • Compatible with OCD GI (rev 4 and above) and Afterglow GI board.
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Board Revisions:

v1.0 – This revision uses DC voltage running pulse width modulation (pwm) fading, meaning that the board is polarity sensitive. Due to this, the orientation of all LEDs in the chase ramp and whirlpool need to be facing in the correct orientation before they will light. This makes for a more difficult installation. If you would prefer an easier and more ‘plug and play’ installation, choose the v1.2 board. Only existing stock of this board will be available to purchase.

v1.1 – This revision uses AC voltage and trailing edge fading, meaning that this board is polarity agnostic. It will plug straight in and work out of the box.

v1.1 documentation


Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 17 × 10 cm


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