Pinhedz Cleaners and Wax

Cleaners and Wax Designed Specificially for Pinball Machines

Cleaning Your Pinball Playfield

We find that cleaning your pinball machine playfield is an enjoyable part of the hobby. Maybe that is just us. Having a game that is clean, fully working and fast is, in our opinion, the best way to enjoy your pinball machine. The Pinhedz series of pinball cleaners is specifically designed for use on pinball machines. Where other cleaners have varied applications, with Pinhedz cleaner, you know it's all about keeping your game in top condition.

Pinhedz comes in two varieties, the Pinhedz Premium series and the Pinhedz Black Ops Series.



Pinhedz Premium Series


Premium products specifically designed for the high end collector who wants to provide maximum protection and visual brilliance to their collection. Pinhedz provides only the highest quality products which are trusted on even the highest quality restores.  Truly the best wax and cleaning products for pinball machines.

Pinhedz Premium Collection Pinball Machine Cleaner
Pinhedz Black Ops Series

Pinhedz Black Ops Series


Quick in and out, easy products designed for operators or regular pinball machine owners who just want to job done. Products that will clean and protect in one easy application. Unlike other cleaners that clean and do not effectively wax, Pinhedz protection products always contain quality carnauba wax, the best wax for pinball machines.