Pin Stadium

 A Revolution in Pinball Lighting Technology

Pin Stadium Lights – The Unique Pinball Lighting Modification

Pin Stadium lights have been voted globally as the number one pinball mod of the year award by collectors worldwide at the This Week In Pinballs annual TWIPY awards.

What are Pin Stadium Lights?

Hailed as the future of pinball machine LED lighting, the Pin Stadium Plug & Play system boasts a 10-minute installation on ANY machine.

The Pin Stadium patent-pending design brightens the entire playfield and adds dramatic flasher effects to your pinball machine. They provide seamless integration for your brand new and classic pinball machines while maintaining that factory look. Your game no longer needs to be left in the dark. Bring playfield artwork alive in a way you have never seen before. Whether you are a purist wanting a little more natural looking light on your playfield, a pinball modder wanting to blow away everyone that plays your game, an operator wanting to increase traffic and ROI, or a streamer/competitive player looking for more visibility. Pin Stadium pinball LED lights are for you.


The Pin Stadium App

Set your lights up in the way you want with the incredible Pin Stadium app available on both iPhone and Android operating systems. The app allows you to colour match a specific colour, set the brightness, and modify your experience in exactly the way you see fit. Giving you complete control and flexibility like no other pinball mod on the market.

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