Oficially Licensed Mini Pinball Clocks

What are MiniPins

MiniPins are officially licensed miniature pinball machines that connect to your local WiFi network, displaying both your local time, as well as a range of chosen DMD animations from the game itself.

Being officially licensed, we have access to both the games software, as well as the artwork to support in creating a true to real life miniature pinball display that looks amazing.

Our unique playfields align the true insert location to a  place on the playfield to make the game look just like its real life, playable sibling.

When is shipping?

We are taking orders now, with over 100 cabinets ready to go, as well as a large run of playfields and our unique backbox design, we are just waiting on the custom made packaging to arrive, before we can ship. The due date for this is estimated the 1st August 2021. At which point, we will dispatch your order.

How big are they?

The MiniPin cabinet is 14cm (5.5") long and 19cm (7.5") high.

Will you be making different games in the future?

Oh, for sure. We have a few already close to release, but will be opening up a set of places for you to vote on the game you would most like to see.

Will you only be offering Bally/Williams games?

No. We have another partner in place which we will announce closer to launch and we are looking to continue to work with further partners to bring you more, officially licensed MiniPins.

The MiniPins Range

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Tales of the Arabian Nights Mini Pinball Machine

Tales of the Arabian Nights MiniPins Desktop Clock Pinball Machine

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Attack From Mars Mini Pinball Machine

Attack From Mars MiniPins Desktop Clock Pinball Machine

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Medieval Madness Pinball Desktop Clock

Medieval Madness MiniPins Desktop Clock Pinball Machine

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