Mezel Mods

The Ultimate Pinball Mods For Your Pinball Machine

Working With Mezel Mods

When we set up the Pinball Bazaar there was one mod company we knew we had to work with. That company was Mezel Mods. Their products are synonymous with pinball mods and we are delighted to have them working alongside the Pinball Bazaar to bring great quality mods to the UK. We do not sell Mezel Mods products into Europe or the USA.

What Makes Mezel Mods So Great?

One of the clear and obvious benefits of working with the team at Mezel Mods was the focus that they have for delivering a quality product. Every mod I have ever owned, or seen that has been supplied by Mezel Mods both enhances the look and feel of the gamee it is on and demonstrates great quality.

Mezel also have a great track record of making the mods that people want. Which again speaks to the quality of product that they produce.

Mezel also have a great track record of producing mods for many of the latest releases. This ensures that we can offer a wide selection of mods for games when they are released. Ensuring our customers have a wide range of choice for their pinball mods.

Do You Stock All Mezel Mods Products?

We will be looking to hold a stock holding of most mods produced by Mezel Mods for New In Box games, for example, the latest game for Mezel Mods to have a range for is Avengers Infinity Quest and we wil be stocking mods for that game, as well as a selection of other products. We cannot however, stock every single mod made by Mezel, so if the product is on back order, we will order on our next product run, and dispatch once it arrives in the UK.