Comet Pinball LED's

No Other LED Manufacturer Has The Same Reputation as Comet LED's. Designed Specifically for Pinball Machines.

Pinball LED's

Comet Pinballs have a reputation as quite simply, the best pinball LED's you can put in your machine. Whilst many other manufacturers may supply wedge and bayonet bulbs used for car headlights (yes, seriously), Comet Pinball LED's are designed specifically for use in pinball machines.

It is that clear distinction that makes all the difference between other LED suppliers and the top quality of Comet Pinball LED's.


Comet Pinball LEDs - Sunlight White

Recently, one colour white has become the king of the general illumination battle. That white is the Sunlight White bulb from Comet Pinball. It gives a stunningly close match to the classic incandescent look and feel, whilst delivering all the benefits of LED's. This makes it a great choice for many collectors on older games where they are looking for a more classic look for their Pinball machine. whilst converting to LED.

Today, Stern will use Natural White on theirmodern games. Sometimes converting this back to a Sunlight White Comet LED can change the whole look of the game. The great thing about any pinball LED is, it gives you the choice.

One thing that isn't up for debate, is Sunlight White is only available from Comet Pinball, stocked here at the Pinball Bazaar.

Comet LED - Sunlight Vs Natural White

What is a non-ghosting pinball LED?

If you have an insert (or other type of controlled lighting) that subtly flickers when it should be off, you need non-ghosting bulbs to fix the issue. Your game is sending a small amount of voltage to the socket, not enough to light an incandescent bulb, but enough for an LED.

These 1SMD non-ghosting bulbs are our standard recommendation for inserts. In fact, we only supply 1SMD non-ghosting bulbs by Comet Pinball here at the Pinball Bazaar. They're a little more expensive, but contain a resistor that prevent small amounts of voltage from illuminating the bulb.