Cliffy's Premium Pinball Protection

We have tried other pinball protectors. Cliffy remains the king.

Cliffy's Pinball Protectors Are Hand Made

That's right, every single product that comes from Cliffy is hand filed, that is how his scoop protectors deliver the quality that they do. We have tried other scoop protectors and whilst they may serve a purpose, when you hit the shot, it doesn't feel right. Somehow, Cliffy's protectors protect the area that may attract damage and manage to also make the game feel like it should.


Do you stock all Cliffy protectors?

Unfortunately we are unable to stock all of Cliffy's protectors here in the UK. Quite simply there are too many. We batch order from Cliffy and drop ship on receipt. We will be holding stock of certain products, please check your individual item to review if this is 'In Stock" or on "Back Order".