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Everything  else, is just an immitation.


Ball Baron – The Finest Replacement Pinball Balls

Ball Baron pinballs are widely regarded as the highest quality pinball balls on the market. At The Pinball Bazaar we are incredibly proud to be the UK and EU’s sole supplier of Ball Baron pinballs. The story of Ball Baron is an interesting one. After spending over 30 years working in the manufacture of precision ball bearings, David was approached by a pinball enthusiast to create the ultimate pinball. Working with together with their shared passions, the Ninja pinball was designed. Completing the requirements of high end collectors and enthusiasts followed the Polaris.

What makes Ball Baron Pinball Balls Better Than The Rest?

Quite simply the difference between a Ball Baron pinball ball and a regular pinball ball is the manufacture specification and quality control process. Whilst many manufacturers of pinball balls are looking for quantity. The aim of the ball baron pinball ball range was quality. Due to their success, the pricing of ball baron balls is not dramatically different to that of other pinball balls. However, the attention to detail and quality certainly is.

What’s The Difference Between a Ninja and Polaris Ball?

We are really glad you asked.

The Ninja ball is specifically designed for games that do not use magnets. The Ninja is solid chrome and polished to an unrivalled level. Due to its construction and manufacture technique this pinball ball will take longer to dull than standard balls.

The Polaris on the other hand is designed specifically for games that use magnets. Due to the very construction nature of this product, this cannot achieve the same level of shine as the Ninja. However still outperforms its peers in this category, giving you a higher quality ball that outlasts the competition and looks great.

How To Change My Pinball Machine Pinballs 

The Ball Baron Balls

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Ninja Replacement Pinball Ball

Ninja – The Ultimate Replacement Pinball

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Ball Baron Polaris Balls

Polaris – Premium Pinball For Magnetic Games

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