Alien Pinball Machine From Pinball Brothers

The Beast Is Back

Alien Pinball From Pinball Brothers

Pinball Bazaar is delighted to be the UK Master Distributor for Pinball Brothers and the upcoming release of Alien Pinball. The game that started life in the UK, will be returning to our shores with an upgraded operating platform, improved mechs, playfield design and much more. Alien is a game that deserves to have the opportunity to shine in peoples collections and on location. We are looking forward to working with Pinball Brothers to make this a reality.

Alien Pinball Machine

When the computer on the commercial space tug Nostromo detects a transmission in the middle of its flight home, it wakes its crew to investigate the source of the signal. On the moon LV-426 they discover the wreck of an old spaceship.

Step inside this high octane, survival horror and genre defining action thriller, bringing to life two of the iconic Alien films, both Alien and Aliens in this world under glass.

Packed full of toys, mechs and features, whilst delivering ground up improvments. Alien from Pinball Brothers brings the beast back.

Alien Pinball LE Edition

LV Editions will be limited to a set number of manufactured games. We do not have details of these numbers at this stage, nor of what features list the game will have over and above the SV version of Alien by Pinball Brothers.

For more information, please contact us directly, to express an interest.

More Details Coming Soon