Pinball Bazaar Named TWIPY Nominated Mod Maker Stumblor Pinballs EU Exclusive Supplier

To add to exclusive EU distribution agreements with Pin Shield, Ball Baron and Flyland Designs. We are delighted to announce an exclusive EU distribution agreement with the TWIPY Nominated Mod Designer and Manufacturer Stumblor. Which the man himself found to be quite a shock.

Stumblor Pinball on the TWIPY Nomination

“Picking up the nomination for ‘best mod’ at this years TWIPYs was a surprise. Here I am, in my little shed, soldering together obscure boards. Then suddenly I am in a list of people doing incredible work and not really sure how I got here. I’m like a pinball wedding crasher.”

Finding such accolades is supposed to keep people humble, and none are more so than Davey, the man behind Stumblor pinball. So with tongue firmly in cheek, Davey let us in on the motivations for making these mods.

“It’s an honour and I’m truly humbled by it, and while I’d like to say that I only do it for the love of pinball, in reality it’s all about the sweet, sweet accolades.” Davey went on to acknowledge the help he has received in making this mod. “I also need to mention that it never would have happened had it not been for Swinks, who right from the start was welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. Likewise all the people who’ve bought my boards, who have without exception been both enthusiastic and patient!”

The Stumblor Pinball Mod Range

So far Stumblor has made a range of four pinball mods, with more currently in development. Three of the current range focuses on Creature from the Black Lagoon, with the last made for diagnosing issues with Gottlieb 80 machines.

– The TWIPY Nominated – Move Your Snackbar Upgrade for Swinks Creature from the Black Lagoon Snackbar
– Chase Echo – A Redesigned Creature from the Black Lagoon Chase Board
– The Rippler – A Creature from the Black Lagoon Ripple FX board
– The Mighty Eighty – A Gottlieb 80 Universal Test Board

There are many more mods to come from Stumblor, and these mods come with a much larger machine base. Given this, working with Pinball Bazaar for promotion and distribution made sense. Of course, mods go through a phase of testing and development, but we pushed Davey for a little sneak on what’s coming.

Steady Eddy Mod From Stumblor Pinball

“Pinball mod R&D never stops here at Stumblor Labs (I’m the only one that calls it that, my wife refuses). Lots of projects on the boil now. Almost ready is ‘Steady Eddy’ – our take on the auto eddy board that triggers a RGB LED strip pattern when either a ball is detected, or a nearby coil is triggered. In a similar way to the ‘Move Your Snackbar’ mod, the LED strip patterns and colours are all selectable via DIP switches. I designed it for TOM (imagine the magic wand outlane saves triggering a ‘magic wand’ type light show) but it is also designed to work for Scared Stiff, Roadshow, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cirquis Voltaire and Monster Bash (Original), which all use eddy or auto-eddy boards.”

To leave us hanging, Davey also teased another preview into other projects “I am working on something very special for the pop bumpers and slings. That’s as much as you’re getting out of me”.

So, until we have more that we can either get out of Davey, or there is a product for release. That is as much detail as we can give.

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