Mezel Mods Pinball Modifications

When we wanted to bring a dedicated modification store for pinball machines to the UK. There was one supplier at the top of our list for custom playfield modifications. Quite simply, we had to work with Mezel Mods. For years now, Mezel Mods have been manufacturing class leading, affordable pinball modifications.

The History Of Mezel Mods

Mezel Mods was started by Tim Mezel in the way that many great things start, through the love of pinball. After moving throuhg several pinball machines, in 2013 Tim started his modification journey with a High Speed II Donut Heaven mod that, in the words of the Mezel Mod website itself. Looked like crap. To improve this, Tim invested in the first 3D printer and Mezel Mods was born, whether or not Tim himself knew.

The Growth of Mezel Mods

As Mezel Mods grew, originally through the Etsy shop that Tim had set up, it became clear support would be needed. Enlisting the support of his wife, Kristin, to run the shop. Don Walton was also on hand to bring some support from another local pinhead to support and help test new products. Now, Mezel Mods are synonymous with pinball mods, with fans eagerly awaiting new mods for game launches.

Working With Pinball Bazaar

We are delighted that when we reached out to the team at Pinball Bazaar, Mezel Mods said yes! Kristin and the team have been a great support in getting the Pinball Bazaar off the ground. We also managed to work together to get one our customers a Dialed In topper they have been eager to get for their game for a long time. What a great birthday treat for themselves.

Mezel Mods Making Dialed In Topper

Top Mezel Mods Products

We couldn’t have¬† a supplier focus without looking at some of their top products, in our opinion of course. So, here we have it, our top three list of Mezel Mods pinball mods for your machine.

The Walking Dead Tower Mod

Walking Dead Tower Mod

What can we say? We simply love The Walking Dead here, it has to be one of, if not the greatest game that was ever made. This mod adds so much to the game. It includes intreactive red and white LED lighting (what else for a TWD?) and adds another layer onto the depth of the game. The tower is such an important shot in the game, that this mod really brings home its relevance.

Metallica Snake Fangs Mod

Sometimes, the simplest ones are the best. These fangs for the snake on Metallica are so simple, but such an effective mod. What other pinball machine mod could cost so little and deliver so much? From our reckoning, none. This really is a great mod and such a simple one too.

Metallica Pinball Snake Fangs Modification


Jurassic Park Sign Cover Mod

We couldn’t do a rundown without taking the chance to look at the mods available for a much more modern game. Namely the Spike 2 system ran Jurassic Park from Keith Elwin. There are lots of opportunities to mod this game, and it was close call between these, or the raptor pit mod which is also stunning. This, for us, however, just pipped it to the post. What an excellent mod for a top top game.


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