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The latest game from JJP is here and Guns N’ Roses has set a new high in terms of assets within a machine. This is of course, in no small part thanks to Slash being involved in the design of the game itself. Soemthing that will probably never happen again (that being said, I am sure one of the Barenaked Ladies is a big pinball fan). The success of JJP’s Guns N’ Roses, and it has been a very succesful launch for the manufacturer, comes in no small part due to the incredible launch of the game. Of course, it has to be a good game to sell, but JJP really delivered on the launch of this product.

The Initial Launch of the Guns N’ Roses Pinball by JJP

The initial launch video of JJP’s Guns N’ Roses, or the sizzle video as it is known, had everyone fired up and ready to go. We have seen other videos released before, such as Stern who generally show the game in a darkened room. This was different. There was a buzz of excitment around the product and the project and pinheads reacted to it.


JJP Guns N’ Roses Pinball Mods

We have a dedicated page for mods that are coming for the JJP Guns N’ Roses, at the moment, with the game being so new, these are a little thin on the ground. Here are our picks of what we think will be big sellers.

RGB Interactive Lights for Jersey Jacks Guns N’ Roses


Whilst the CE version of the game features interactive under cabinet lighting, those with the SE and LE version of the game may choose to upgrade to this RGB light kit for just £74.99. You can take a look at the RGB interactive under pinball cabinet lighting here.

TILT Graphics Art Blades for JJP Guns N’ Roses Pinball Machine

These GameBlades from TILT Graphics will enhance the look of your JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. The GameBlades, entitled “Legendary” feature a rose grafiti on a brick wall with Guns N’ Roses style posters for shows on the wall. A great addition to any Guns N’ Roses pinball machine. You can buy your Guns N’ Roses GameBlades here.

JJP Guns N' Roses Pinball Machine Art Blades

LERMod Guns N’ Roses Illumination Kit

The LERMods backglass illumination kits have been a major seller since they launched the product for Dialed In!, this mod increases the visibility of the great artwork of JJP games. Available for just £92.50 for the white only version, this is a nice, easy to install and remove mod is a must for Guns N’ Roses and any JJP game.

Guns N Roses Pinball Illumination Kit

Mezel Mods Guns N’ Roses Mod

Not much is known about this sign, where it will fit on the game, but one thing is for sure, we know it looks great. As soon as it arrives, we will update our shop listing to include it.

Upcoming Mezel Mods Sign

The Art of Pinball Shooter Housing and Action Button

Lior and the team at the Art of Pinball make incredible mods for a number of games, including JJP’s Guns N’ Roses. You can see his work in action right here.

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