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JJP - Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses is the hottest game right now for pinball enthusiasts and mod lovers alike. We have known that Slash was involved in the game for a long time, but the quality of the launch and the finished product has left everyone shocked at how good the finished product truly is.

See The Range of Guns N' Roses mods on Pinball Bazaar.

News from the Bazaar

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Stumblor Pinball Logo

Pinball Bazaar Named TWIPY Nominated Mod Maker Stumblor Pinballs EU Exclusive Supplier

To add to exclusive EU distribution agreements with Pin Shield, Ball Baron and Flyland Designs. We are delighted to announce an exclusive EU distribution agreement with the TWIPY Nominated Mod…

Lermods Pinball Mods

LERMods Pinball Mods Welcomed To Pinball Bazaar

We are delighted to welcome LERmods to the Pinball Bazaar, as their UK distributor. Exclusively supplying all of the LERmods pinball mod products to customers in the UK. The Lermods…

Guns N Roses JJP Backglass

Guns N’ Roses from Jersey Jack Pinball – Pinball Mods

The latest game from JJP is here and Guns N’ Roses has set a new high in terms of assets within a machine. This is of course, in no small part thanks to Slash being involved in the design of the game itself. Soemthing that will probably never happen again.